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Cost of Living in Budapest,Hungary for Students and Tourist? | Study in Budapest

Europe is known for is good scenery and nightlife but one thing you always cannot guarantee is the price of things which are increasingly changing due to economic dynamism. In all of the beautiful European cities Budapest, Hungary in Central Europe is considered one of the cheapest from transportation to tuition fees, food and drinks, […]

How to get cheap student flight to Budapest, Hungary? | Study in Budapest

So now you already have your student visa ?  bought your favorite bag?  and preparing to land in Budapest and start your long-awaited dream to study abroad but wait one thing is certain depending on your location, you have to fly! but you need to fly cheap. So what’s next? you need a platform where […]

How much is Student Accommodation in Budapest, Hungary?

Living in Budapest is relatively cheap when compared to other parts of Europe, Budapest is home to lots of international students from China, Turkey, India, Nigeria, etc and there are lots of cheap student apartments and hostels. How much? Whether you want to live in a luxurious apartment, hostel or share an apartment with a […]

How to apply for Student visa | Study Abroad | Study in Budapest

The excitement of getting admission letters is not all you need to actualise your dream to study abroad in Budapest, the hitches and long process of securing a student visa,  student accommodation, travel and health insurance or finding a solution to a 47kg luggage from the airport to your destination slowly drains up your excitement […]

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