Yes you can ! it’s as simple as that, I am sure that puts a smile on your face but then again you need to think of a strategy to land your dream student internship or Job.

Job applications in Budapest, Hungary are as hard as every other country you may have lived or studied in but student internships can come in handy to gain the necessary experience that you need, most companies often retain student talent who may have spent short period between 6 months to a year working as an intern.

As a student intern you also get to learn a lot about the companies and have less performance pressure and you can build your reputation really quick while learning a lot from the company.

What could make me get a student job or Internship? 

Most companies partner with universities to conduct student job fairs at the university campus and all you need to do as a student is submit your CV to your university’s career office and you will be invited to attend the job fair where you get to learn about the companies, usually a presentation by the company and then open positions are made available to the students for application. Although this may not be a guaranteed job until you apply and selected but it does get the ground running for your dream student job.

How many hours a week am I allowed to work as a student in Budapest, Hungary?

24 hours a week, but this can be flexible if your timetable is not jam packed with lectures and you could only work 40hours a week if your residence permit allows that and in most cases this requires application for a job permit.

Which companies can I apply to ? 

There are lots of multinational companies in Hungary and Budapest is the capital and the commercial hub, a few of the big multinationals that you may have already heard of are ExxonMobil , GE, Shell, Vodafone, Morgan Stanley , T-Mobile etc.

How can I find newly posted Jobs in Budapest? 

Download and Keep your Study in Budapest Mobile App up to date with the latest version and you can search for new jobs using the student jobs section on the app.