Want to be a doctor? an engineer? or even a graphic designer, universities in Budapest Hungary, offer a wide range of courses, although medicine is one of the widely thought courses in Hungary, there a whole bunch of other reason why you should considering reading the course descriptions and requirements of programs offered in Budapest.

Here a few steps to get you started with selecting that special course

  1. You need the Study in Budapest Mobile  App to make it easy for you to read about the course descriptions and requirements, the description of a course not only tells you what the course is about , it also gives you information about what you are going to learn, it is also important for students who are transferring from another university or course, part of the requirement in such special cases may require that you  present the transcript the course at your previous university to have at least 70% match in curriculum for your admission to be accepted
  2. Click on the search icon on the top of the first page of the app, and enter the name of the course, you will be presented with courses and suggested university using a powerful search algorithm that shows you the best university for your desired course
  3. Tap to select the course, and also look at the verification badge, for verified courses, these type of courses are programs which Study in Budapest Mobile App has verified its descriptions and listing and can certify that the information about these courses is originating from the university and not a generic description.
  4. Click to Start your application and you are set to Study abroad

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