Do I need TOEFL or SAT to Study in Budapest, Hungary?

English language proficiency is  required in the admission process by universities in Budapest,Hungary. However, this requirement may not be mandatory for certain regions or citizens of some countries. If your native spoken language is English or you have previous educational background in english language you may qualify for english language proficiency waiver by most universities […]

20 Questions of International Admission Skype Interview | Study in Budapest| Study in Hungary

Skype interview just as any other pre-requisites of an admission process is designed to test the language and communication skills of international students who want to get into universities in Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe. Skype interviews require disciplined practise and concise answers, universities often conduct these interviews as alternative to English Language test such as TOEFL and […]

How to Find your Desired Course ? | Study in Budapest | Study in Europe| Hungary

Want to be a doctor? an engineer? or even a graphic designer, universities in Budapest Hungary, offer a wide range of courses, although medicine is one of the widely thought courses in Hungary, there a whole bunch of other reason why you should considering reading the course descriptions and requirements of programs offered in Budapest. […]

How much is the Application Fee?

So you are trying to make up your mind on wether to apply or not? if the fee is cheaper perhaps you could apply now, well every international student understands the cost of applying to study abroad through university agents. However, with Study in Budapest there are no university or visa agents, its completely FREE! to […]

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