English language proficiency is  required in the admission process by universities in Budapest,Hungary. However, this requirement may not be mandatory for certain regions or citizens of some countries. If your native spoken language is English or you have previous educational background in english language you may qualify for english language proficiency waiver by most universities which means you will not  be required to submit a TOEFL or SAT exam score but you may still be subjected to a short 20 minutes Skype interview questions covering your language skills , personal background and motivation.

What is the maximum score I require as a student applicant?

It is important to know that the average cut off mark which means the number of score you accumulated in either TOEFL or SAT by most universities is 65+ this number may mean certain levels in the both exams be sure to check what each score represents in the exam you have chosen.

Which countries are not required to submit TOEFL or SAT?

Citizens of but not limited to United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria , Ghana, Ireland, Canada and any other english speaking countries as official or native language

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