As a student the primary purpose of your residence in Budapest, Hungary is to study, however during your study period you may want to take short vacations during semester breaks or even do summer jobs in other EU or Schengen territory.

This can be easy to hop on a plane and fly but at the same time this can get you into a lot of trouble, so we put together answers to questions you may have and tips to keep you informed before you become the next “Coming to America” story.

What is the Schengen area? 

The Schengen Area is a large part of the European continent in which checks at common internal borders have been lifted. The participating countries apply common rules for checks at the external borders of the Schengen Area, as well as on the issue of visas and cooperation between police and judicial services in criminal matters.

Which countries are part of the Schengen area and which can I travel to? 

Austria, Belgium , Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany ,Denmark ,Estonia, Greece , Spain, Finland , France ,Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg, Latvia,  Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia , Slovakia

Non Schengen EU countries where I need visa ?

These are the countries that are not part of the Schengen agreement but are member countries of the European union and as a student studying in Budapest , Hungary, you may need visa to travel to these countries which are Romania, United Kingdom,Ireland, Bulgaria.

So before you start thinking of your next vacation be sure to get more information about certain laws of the country you are traveling to and keep in mind that the maximum allowed date that you can stay in any of the Schengen area country is 90 days.

If you also wish to transfer your studies to any of these countries which practise the bologna system of education then you can as well but make sure to submit the necessary documents to the university and your transcript of studies.

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