So now you already have your student visa ?  bought your favorite bag?  and preparing to land in Budapest and start your long-awaited dream to study abroad but wait one thing is certain depending on your location, you have to fly! but you need to fly cheap.

So what’s next? you need a platform where you can compare all the flights going to Budapest, it is important to understand how the airline booking system works in order for you to get a cheap flight.

There are 3 main factors which you need time, date and distance and you need to consider this on a first come first server basis, a flight of €200 which you saw 2 mins ago may have changed to € 400 10 mins later.

Therefore you need a flight-tracking app that shows you current cheapest flight so that each minute you refresh the app, you are still getting the cheapest flight across multiple airlines as an alternative to checking a website of a particular flight company.

The good news? with your Study in Budapest mobile app you can search the cheapest students flight going to Budapest Hungary in real-time powered by the largest flight booking company in the world. It’s simple Download the app and start booking cheap flights.