Living in Budapest is relatively cheap when compared to other parts of Europe, Budapest is home to lots of international students from China, Turkey, India, Nigeria, etc and there are lots of cheap student apartments and hostels.

How much?

Whether you want to live in a luxurious apartment, hostel or share an apartment with a friend, the average cost for monthly rent in Budapest is between 200 -250 euros monthly, some hostels are as cheap as 100 to 150 euros per month.

However accommodation for most students is based on preference and it is also a required pre-requisite when applying for your student visa, so what that means is that the Hungarian embassy in your country may require you to submit proof of a paid accommodation in Budapest, Hungary when applying for the visa.

Where can I find the cheapest hostel, apartment or accommodation in Budapest?

Simply download the Study in Budapest mobile app and search for the cheapest accommodation in Budapest powered by the largest accommodation booking platform in the world