We created each and every Study in Budapest Mobile App plan to suit your needs. Whether you are going for the Free, the Basic or the Premium Plan, each and every plan is designed to give you value and solve your immediate needs.

Selecting the best plan depends on your category:


  • Sign-up for a free account and in a couple of minutes, you can be ready to start using and applying for admissions.


  • Recruit international students without agents, study portals, and high budget educational fairs, you also get a no commission benefit.


  • You can refer a friend by Sybing a university application for a friend and earn money or represent a student as an individual, a company or parent.


The better you want, the better you choose. If you can’t make the decision on which one is the best for you, try our Basic Plan first and revaluate it after some time if you need more services and you can upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime.

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