You can upload full or basic description of your institution, courses and programs, tuition fees and admission deadlines to the university section of the Study in Budapest Mobile App in 2 ways

  1. Upload it Via studyinbudapest Website
  • To upload via the website Go to:
  • Click on Login/Sign up on the top left hand corner of the webpage and Select Recruit

Recruit as a university study in budapest mobile app

  • On the dashboard welcome screen you will have 2 options to upload or access your dashboard , select the upload basic info

Welcome Dashboard Study in budapest Mobile App

  • You will be provided with an upload interface, which you will have the option to fill in the basic descriptions of your university or to instantly upload a file in MSDOC or PDF, choose which options matches your imediate preference

upload page study in budapest mobile app university

  • Instant File Upload

dropbox upload study in budapest mobile app

2. Upload Via Email

If you wish to upload your university information by email, locate the welcome email at the time of registration , select the option to upload via email by clicking on the upload via email button, this will instantly compose a new email message and you can add your files as an email attachment and send it to the generated email, automatically.

  • Uploading of university information undergoes email and phone verification and may take a few mins to hours to be live on the app

Need to more help? Contact us by creating a support ticket