While you are still faced with little or no knowledge about currency exchange in your new city, and no one to ask we decided to use technology to make it a smooth ride for you

Here are a few tips to help you secure a student visa with ease

  1. Document Check and Filing | Available on the Studyinbudapest Mobile App (Download)


Put together all your visa application documents in an office file folder, separating them by category , remember to make 3 copies of each document you will be submitting to the embassy, as the consular may keep any of the document ,if needed

2. Document Notarisation and Authentication | Available on the Studyinbudapest Mobile App

Check if all your documents has be notarised legally by a government office ( this is required to ascertain the authenticity of all your visa supporting letters or documents )

Visa Interview Online Test | Available on the Studyinbudapest Mobile App


Prepare yourself for your visa interview by taking the online visa test and reading articles about the city and life within the campus

3. Book a visa Interview appointment| Available on the Studyinbudapest Mobile App

Student Visa Application


Documents you shouldn’t give or take back during or after your interview

Your university acceptance letter: most students do not seem to remember that after you have received a study visa on your international passport, you still need to do a mandatory student registration , when you arrive at the university, therefore your acceptance letter is a required document needed for registration and signing of your learning agreement by the university.

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