How to recruit International student | Study in Europe| Study in Budapest | Application

Recruiting international students is a very uphill task in an industry that is saturated with third party services. With Study in Budapest recruitment app, universities can recruit students from any part of the world including China, Turkey, India, Nigeria, Ghana etc with a tap of a button. 1. Register your university for free at Study […]

How to recruit international students using Study in Europe |Study in Budapest| Mobile App

Step1: Login to your Study in Budapest university dashboard Step2: Click on a student profile, on received applications table Step 3: View the student’s qualifications by clicking on the qualifications tab Step 4. If satisfied with the student profile, click on the ” Instant Recruit Button” or ” Message Button” If you have further questions […]

Student visa Tips | Study Abroad | Study in Budapest | Study in Europe | Study in Hungary

While you are still faced with little or no knowledge about currency exchange in your new city, and no one to ask we decided to use technology to make it a smooth ride for you Here are a few tips to help you secure a student visa with ease Document Check and Filing | Available […]

Uploading university information to Study in Budapest

You can upload full or basic description of your institution, courses and programs, tuition fees and admission deadlines to the university section of the Study in Budapest Mobile App in 2 ways Upload it Via studyinbudapest Website To upload via the website Go to: Click on Login/Sign up on the top left hand corner of the webpage and […]

How do I know which Study in Budapest plan is best to choose?

We created each and every Study in Budapest Mobile App plan to suit your needs. Whether you are going for the Free, the Basic or the Premium Plan, each and every plan is designed to give you value and solve your immediate needs. Selecting the best plan depends on your category: Student Sign-up for a free account […]

Are there hidden charges on the Free Plan?

Studyinbudapest Free Plan is 100% Free with zero hidden Charge, with lots of benefits, like the ability to receive and process students applications. However, to enjoy premium services such as data control, you will need to upgrade.

If we join free now, how can we upgrade later?

The study in Budapest mobile app plans is flexible depending on your goal. Joining free to the app gives you lots of features such as the ability to receive student applications, but you might want to upgrade after a while, depending on your decision and your recruitment budget. As a University, you have the opportunity […]

Is Studyinbudapest a University Agent?

No we are not! Its hard to categorise us as one, we are not a traditional university agent or representative, we are a technology based company, who leverage our technology to solve the problems of millions of international students, whose sole purpose is to acquire knowledge and improve their dreams and professional careers. what we […]

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